Two Shaft Shredder For Big Plastic Lump


Two Shaft Shredder For Big Plastic Lump
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Product details

1. Production Features

We devoted ourselves to plastic shredder machines for many years, covering most of Europe and the American market.


● Power saving and environmental protection

● The sheet material is uniform and the loss is small

● Wide applicability


●  The gearbox adopts the oil-in pulley, which runs smoothly, with low noise and large torque.

●   The knife holder and blade on the rotor are detachable for easy cleaning, maintenance and maintenance

●   Double-cutter shaft structure, using multiple claw-type tools, cutting effort, strong cutting force

●   The motor is used as a transmission structure through a gearbox transmission system, making it a powerful operation at low speed and high torque

2. Product specification

Machine modelAMGD600/300AMGD800/350AMGD1000/400AMGD1200/400AMGD1500/500AMGD2000/600
Machine size(mm) L/W/H2500 x 1410 x 18003500 x 1600 x 20004200 x 1600 x 20004600 x 1700 x 20005000 x 1900 x 22005500 x 1900 x 2200
Feeding size
760 x 840990 x 10101200 x 12301200 x 14701200 x 19501450 x 2500
Rotor diameter
Rotating speed
Fixed blade
Rotor blade
Motor power
Machine weight

3. Production Application

two shaft shredder for big plastic lump
waste lumps for two shaft shredder for big plastic lump
shredded lumps for two shaft shredder for big plastic lump

The plastic shredder plays an indispensable role in so many plastic processing industries such as plastic recycling, wood recycling, and so on.

4. Product details

inside rotors for two shaft shredder for big plastic lump
control panel for two shaft shredder for big plastic lump



TAIZHOU AMIGE MACHINERY CO., LTD is a Professional Plastic Machinery manufacturer company located in Taizhou city, known as China Plastic Mold City, Zhejiang Province of China We are dedicated to designing and developing the high technology Plastic Machinery.

Our main products are PET Waste Bottle Recycling Washing line, PET Waste Bottle Washing Machine, PE/PP Waste Film/Woven bag Recycling Washing line, HDPE/PP Bottle Recycling Washing Machine, Rigid PP/PP bucket, drum, container Recycling Washing line, PE/PP Film Pelletizing line, PE/PP Rigid plastic Pelletizing line

Exhibition Show

plastic exhibition for two shaft shredder for big plastic lump
exhibition for two shaft shredder for big plastic lump
workshop for two shaft shredder for big plastic lump

Globally, we cooperate with business partners and agents of various countries to facilitate better communication with customers from various countries and a deeper understanding of the actual needs of customers.


delivering machine for two shaft shredder for big plastic lump
loading container for two shaft shredder for big plastic lump
container loaded for two shaft shredder for big plastic lump

7. FAQ

●Q1:How many Kg/h does this shredder can produce?

  A1:Different shredder sizes for different capacities such as 400Kg/h or more.

●Q2:What information shall I provide when I request for quotation?

  A2:Information should be including parameters or technical requirements, such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.

●Q3:What extra parts can you offer?

  A3:We can offer extra 1pcs blades, some screws, one set of working tools, etc.

●Q4:What are the applications of these products?

  A4:   Our products are wildly used in shredding and crushing of plastic woven bags, plastic film, PA/PC plastic blocks, household appliance shells and inner tanks, plastic pipes, plastic containers, wastepaper, straw, wood, urban household garbage, medical waste, electronic waste, and waste metal, etc. And waste plastic recycling and washing and plastic granulation. Tags: two shaft shredder for big plastic lump, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, customized, Double Single Shaft Shredder For Jumbo BagTwo Shaft Shredder For Waste WoodPlastic Crusher For PVC Plastic PipesHeavy Duty Plastic Crusher For Appliance ShellPET Recycling MachineRigid PE/PP Containers Recycling Washing Line

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