Single Shaft Shredder Machine For Cable


Single Shaft Shredder Machine For Cable
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Product details

1. Production Features

We devoted ourselves to plastic shredder machines for many years, covering most of Europe and the American market.


● The body is tight, fast, and durable

● The unit has a high degree of automation and high efficiency

●  Wide application, used in products such as block material, pipe fittings, film, etc.


● The blade material with special alloy steel made, with long life.

● All the machinery and electrical devices are protected in accordance with the European CE standard.

● Hydraulic system Pushes the material automatically to the shredding rotor while working.

● More efficient and can achieve a high capacity. According to material kind, can adjust the pushing speed to avoid overload.

2. Product parameter

Machine modelAMGS600/350AMGS800/400AMGS1000/450AMGS1200/450AMGS1500/500AMGS1800/500
Machine size(mm) L/W/H2000 x 1410 x 21002430 x 1720 x 24802880 x 2180 x 25703350 x 2300 x 26603500 x 2870 x 27003500 x 3170 x 2700
Feeding size
630 x 985830 x 12401030 x 14401230 x 17001530 x 18001830 x 1800
Rotor diameter
Rotating speed
Fixed blade
Rotor blade
Screen size
Hydraulic power
Motor power
Machine weight

3. Production Application

single shaft shredder machine for cable
waste cables for single shaft shredder machine for cable
shredded cables for single shaft shredder machine for cable

No matter whether it is a plastic container, PET bottle, wood, or metal, the shredder will get it down into reusable size and also manageable. The Plastic Shredder Machinery contains various types of cutting chambers and a powerful motor to offer the best possible results.

4. Product details of the Single Shaft Shredder

inside ram for single shaft shredder machine for cable


●Anti-skid teeth

●Guide bars make steady·

●Movement of the ram pusher

●Automatic cleaning system


Production Process

semi finished product for single shaft shredder machine for cable
rotor for single shaft shredder machine for cable

Processing craft of Single shaft shredder machine for plastic lump

A) The rotor is processed as a whole

General machine rotor parts are processed and then welded into a rotor, however, welding will cause some rotors and parts to deform, and accuracy will be a problem. Amige Machinery first welds the entire rotor before processing, to determine the overall accuracy and adjusts the gap between the rotor blade and the fixed blade for overall processing so that each point can be the same.


after-sale service for single shaft shredder machine for cable

Sales order

The sales process refers to the process in which the target customer generates sales opportunities, and the sales staff conducts sales activities based on the sales opportunities and produces results. The sales process is a part of the entire enterprise process. The main melody of the enterprise from the inside to the outside is the process of research and development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales, technical support, and services.


delivering machine for single shaft shredder machine for cable
container loading for single shaft shredder machine for cable
container loaded for single shaft shredder machine for cable

7. FAQ

●Q1:What are the applications of these products?

   A1:Our products are wildly used in shredding and crushing of plastic woven bags, plastic film, PA/PC plastic blocks, household appliance shells and inner tanks, plastic pipes, plastic containers, wastepaper, straw, wood, urban household garbage, medical waste, electronic waste, and waste metal, etc. And waste plastic recycling and washing and plastic granulation.

●Q2:What kind of products do you offer?

  A2:We have four main categories of products, shredder, plastic crusher, plastic recycling and washing line, plastic granulator, and auxiliary equipment.

●Q3:Do you provide the complete service for factory layout?

  A3:   We will provide complete service for factory layout and other information to help customer to build the factory.

●Q4:What is your after-sale service?

  A4: We not only provide machines but also offer technical guides and market evaluation. Tags: single shaft shredder machine for cable, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, customized, Heavy Duty Plastic CrusherLow Noise Plastic Crusher For Plastic PipesPlastic CrusherSingle Shaft Shredder Machine For CablePlastic Crusher For HDPE Milk BottlesEconomical Single Shaft Shredder For Small Lumps

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