Plastic Crusher For PVC Plastic Pipes


Plastic Crusher For PVC Plastic Pipes
Recycling in Plastic lump, Rigid plastic, Wood, Cable, Paper, Metal, Soft waste goods, Solid Waste. Efficient,Economical. Environmental....

Product details

1. Production Introduction


● Safe to use, energy saving, and high efficiency.

● The bearing is installed outside the machine body, dust or water is not easy to invade, heat dissipation is good, and maintenance and repair are simple and easy.

● Easy to use, the low failure rate


●Reduced dusk

●Low heat generation

2. Product specification

Machine size(mm) L/W/H700 x700 x1400800 x 800 x14001400 x 1100 x 15001500 x 1200 x 17001500 x 1600 x 20001900 x 1900 x 23002000 x 2000 x 2500
Feeding size
310 x260410 x320510 x320660 x 400810 x 5001010 x5501210 x600
Rotor diameter
Rotating speed
Screen size(mm)12-10012-10012-10012-10012-10012-10012-100
Fixed blade
Rotor blade
Motor power
Hydraulic power(Kw)1.5
Machine weight

3. Production Application of the crusher

plastic crusher for PVC plastic pipes
raw pipes for plastic crusher for PVC plastic pipes
final pipe flakes for plastic crusher for PVC plastic pipes

Plastic pipe plastic crusher

●Suitable for crushing and destroying various small and medium-sized plastic pipes, such as PE, PVC pipes, silicon core pipes, etc.

●The round tube type feeding port is uniquely designed and improves working efficiency. Optional suction fan and storage barrel, which can fully display the recovery efficiency;

●The use of sealed bearings keeps the bearing rolling for a long time; the knife design is reasonable and the product has an average grain; the knife seat is heat-shrink and the shape design is beautiful and generous.

4. Product details of Plastic crusher for PVC plastic pipes

crushing room for plastic crusher for PVC plastic pipes
inside rotor for plastic crusher for PVC plastic pipes



Company Culture

company culture for plastic crusher for pvc plastic pipes

Our company regards “quality is life “as our enterprise spirit. Our products have already passed the relevant International Quality Management System Certifications. Our products are also exported to European Union. We adopt highly abrasive materials and advanced processing techniques, making the devices have a long service life and wear-proof performance. We have won a great reputation at home and abroad.

After-sales Quality inspection (equipment or circuit)After the production of the equipment is completed, we have to test the equipment and circuits; for the equipment, we have to do the trial running to the equipment and test the machine with raw materials; after the detection, if the equipment is operating normally, we can arrange to delivery. After the equipment is sent to the customer, if the customer does not have experience in using the equipment, we can arrange technical personnel to the customer’s factory for installation and commissioning, and provide the customer with formal training for use. After the customer fully uses the equipment, we can leave.


delivering machine for plastic crusher for PVC plastic pipes 1
container loading for plastic crusher for PVC plastic pipes
container loaded for plastic crusher for PVC plastic pipes

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