Plastic Crusher For Car Bumper


Plastic Crusher For Car Bumper
We supply Plastic crusher for car bumper with CE certificate. We devoted ourselves to heavy duty plastic crusher machine many years, covering most of Europe and the American market....

Product details

1. Production Features


● The crusher machine with the big feeding mouth

● The rotary and cutting blade with edge of special design, can get very high efficiency and high capacity.

● Touch control operation, easy to clean the material


● It has low noise.

● The knife shaft seat has undergone strict balance tests.

● The base is equipped with four wheels for easy movement.

2. Product parameter

Machine size(mm) L/W/H700 x700 x1400800 x 800 x14001400 x 1100 x 15001500 x 1200 x 17001500 x 1600 x 20001900 x 1900 x 23002000 x 2000 x 2500
Feeding size
310 x260410 x320510 x320660 x 400810 x 5001010 x5501210 x600
Rotor diameter
Rotating speed
Screen size(mm)12-10012-10012-10012-10012-10012-10012-100
Fixed blade
Rotor blade
Motor power
Hydraulic power(Kw)1.5
Machine weight

3. Product application of the Plastic crusher for car bumper

plastic crusher for car bumper
raw material for plastic crusher for car bumper
final flakes for plastic crusher for car bumper

Our machines are equipped with a hydraulic opening for easy cleaning, with special design characteristics of rotator knife wheel offers large cutting angle, require less space. Thick-walled sections are specially designed on tops and tails to process any typical waste like molded items, pipes, profiles, films, sheets and etc.

4. Product details of Plastic crusher for car bumper

crusher knife for plastic crusher for car bumper


crushing room for plastic crusher for car bumper


5. Factory Qualification


We have over 10 years of experience in Plastic Recycling Machinery Manufacturing. We have full processing equipment and the processing facilities such as the metal shearing machine, metal bending machine, lathe machine, milling machine, and so on.

Our products have reached the CE product standard, which can meet customers’ requirements for product quality. We strive to provide customers with a more comprehensive and efficient recycling program for plastic recycling and benefit us.

Our Equipment

processing equipment for plastic crusher for car bumper
processing machines for plastic crusher for car bumper

Good machines need good processing equipment. In our workshop, there are 8 CNC machines, 2 grinding machines, and several lathes and other equipment.

We have powerful equipment processing capabilities and can customize equipment according to customer requirements to meet different production needs of customers

6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving

delivering machine for plastic crusher for car bumper
container loading for plastic crusher for car bumper
container loaded for plastic crusher for car bumper

7. FAQ

●Q1:What waste product can this shredder do?

A1: It is for waste plastic lumps, pipes, films, etc.

●Q2:How many Kg/h does this shredder can produce?

A2:Different shredder sizes for different capacities such as 400Kg/h or more.

●Q3:What is the final product?

A3:The screen size depends on the final product such as a screen of 30mm or more. Tags: plastic crusher for car bumper, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, customized, Low Noise Plastic Crusher For Plastic SheetsHeavy Duty Plastic Crusher For Plastic FilmsLow Noise Plastic Crusher For Plastic PipesPlastic Crusher For Chemical DrumsPET Bottle Recycling MachineHeavy Duty Plastic Crusher For Appliance Shell

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