Plastic Crusher for Appliance Shell


Plastic Crusher for Appliance Shell
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Product details

1. Production Features


● Compact size does not take up space

● With strong cutting force, High productivity, big crushing ratio, and uniform fragment size

● Inlet hopper, crushing room, and screening bucket are separed


● This type of machine uses alloy steel blades with long life.

● The machine adopts a different design, easy to repair and clean.

● It has a double-layer structure equipped with sound insulation materials.

2. Product specification

Machine size(mm) L/W/H700 x700 x1400800 x 800 x14001400 x 1100 x 15001500 x 1200 x 17001500 x 1600 x 20001900 x 1900 x 23002000 x 2000 x 2500
Feeding size
310 x260410 x320510 x320660 x 400810 x 5001010 x5501210 x600
Rotor diameter
Rotating speed
Screen size(mm)12-10012-10012-10012-10012-10012-10012-100
Fixed blade
Rotor blade
Motor power
Hydraulic power(Kw)1.5
Machine weight

3. Production Application of the crusher

plastic crusher for appliance shell
raw products for plastic crusher for appliance shell
final flakes for plastic crusher for appliance shell

●Suitable for crushing and destroying various small and medium-sized plastic pipes, such as PE, PVC pipes, silicon core pipes, etc.

●The round tube type feeding port is uniquely designed and improves working efficiency. Optional suction fan and storage barrel, which can fully display the recovery efficiency;

●The use of sealed bearings keeps the bearing rolling for a long time; the knife design is reasonable and the product has an average grain; the knife seat is heat-shrink and the shape design is beautiful and generous.

4. Product details of Plastic crusher for appliance shell

crushing room for plastic crusher for appliance shell
inside rotor for plastic crusher for appliance shell



Production Process

crusher body for plastic crusher for appliance shell
crusher rotor for plastic crusher for appliance shell

Processing craft of Single shaft shredder machine for plastic lump

A) The rotor is processed as a whole

General machine rotor parts are processed and then welded into a rotor, however, welding will cause some rotors and parts to deform, and accuracy will be a problem. Amige Machinery first welds the entire rotor before processing, to determine the overall accuracy, adjust the gap between the rotor blade and the fixed blade for overall processing so that each point can be the same.

B) Overall processing of the chassis

All the processing methods of Amige mechanical processing chassis are the same as (A) above. The processing methods and the source of fully automatic CNC processing equipment can make the machine more perfect and the time of the equipment will be the best proof.

C) Overall annealing of the chassis

After welding, the chassis steel plate has inherent tension. In order to solve this problem, Armiger Machinery will anneal the entire chassis.

D) Raw material composition

The steel is customized by the steel manufacturer. The surface smoothness is required. The blade is provided by a professional manufacturer. The electrical appliance is made of Mitsubishi, the motor is offered by a famous domestic brand, the gearbox is made from Jiangsu Boneng, and the hydraulic system is a Taiwan brand

Exhibition Show

plastic machine fair for plastic crusher for appliance shell
plastic machine exhibition for plastic crusher for appliance shell 1

Every year, we participate in multiple exhibitions domestic and abroad; domestic, we participate in Asia’s largest plastic machinery exhibition-Adsale Exhibition; Abroad, we participate in Dubai Exhibition, Saudi Exhibition, Turkey Exhibition, Thailand Exhibition, Vietnam Exhibition


delivering machine for plastic crusher for appliance shell
container loading for plastic crusher for appliance shell
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