PET Washing Line


PET Washing Line
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Product details

1. Production Introduction

Product introduction of the PET washing line. The PET washing line was the latest invention with a CE certificate.


● The PET bottle flake cleaning production line mainly consists of a conveyor belt, crusher, steamer, spiral elevator, parallel cleaning machine, twin screw rinsing machine, bottle flake dehydrator, silo, electric control cabinet, and so on.

● The key to the cleaning and recycling of waste PET bottles is the removal rate of impurities. The impurities include environmental pollutants, other materials attached to the original plastic products, and heterogeneous substances.

● The higher the purity, the more high-quality downstream products can be produced, and the lower the manufacturing cost and production loss of its downstream products.


●With consistently high-quality capacity.

●Reduced dusk

●Low heat generation

●Space savings and ease of maintenance

●We can manufacture the production line according to the customer requirement and final flakes quality requirements;

2. Product specification of PET washing line

Machine modelAMGL500AMGL1000AMGL1500AMGL2000
1Conveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor belt
2Label removerLabel removerLabel removerLabel remover
3Sorting bandSorting bandSorting bandSorting band
4Conveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor belt×2
5Plastic crusher 800mmPlastic crusher 1000mmPlastic crusher 1200mmPlastic crusher 1000mm×2
6Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
7Floating washerFloating washerFloating washerFloating washer×2
8Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
9Hot washerHot washerHot washerHot washer×2
10Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
11Friction washerFriction washerFriction washerFriction washer
12Floating washerFloating washerFloating washerFloating washer
13Floating washerFloating washerFloating washerFloating washer
14Dewatering machineScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader
15Control panelDewatering machineDewatering machineDewatering machine
16Control panelControl panelControl panel

3. Production Application

raw pet bottle for pet washing line
final pet flakes for pet washing line

4. Product details of PET washing line

screw conveyor for pet washing line
hot washer for pet washing line
friction washer for pet washing line
floating washer for pet washing line


Company Culture

company culture for pet washing line


after-sales service for pet washing line

Purchasing process standards

The purchase process includes information collection, inquiry, price comparison, bargaining, evaluation, sample request, decision, requisition, order, coordination and communication, reminder, purchase acceptance, and payment arrangement.

Amige Machinery adopts the purchase method of comparison and selection, and the main processes are as follows:

1. The purchaser issues purchase information and purchase documents;

2. The supplier prepares and submits response documents according to the requirements of the purchase documents;

3. The purchaser reviews the supplier’s response documents and preliminary determines the candidate;

4. The purchaser reserves the right to further negotiate with the selected candidate supplier;

5. The purchaser determines the final selected supplier and sends a notification of the purchase result to all suppliers who submit response documents;

6. The purchaser signs a procurement contract with the selected supplier.


delivering machine for pet washing line
container loading for pet washing line
container loaded for pet washing line

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