PET Recycling Machine


PET Recycling Machine
Developing,Manufacturing. Focusing on "Crushing and washing" Recycling Industry.Brands: Amige, Plastic washing line, Waste Recycling....

Product details



● Quality assurance: it has passed the EU mechanical CE certification 

● Heavy-duty crusher: The output is increased by 20-40%, and the energy saving is 15%

● The blade is externally adjustable, and the material is processed at low temperatures, which has a longer service life.

2. Product parameter

Machine modelAMGL500AMGL1000AMGL1500AMGL2000
1Conveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor belt
2Label removerLabel removerLabel removerLabel remover
3Sorting bandSorting bandSorting bandSorting band
4Conveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor belt×2
5Plastic crusher 800mmPlastic crusher 1000mmPlastic crusher 1200mmPlastic crusher 1000mm×2
6Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
7Floating washerFloating washerFloating washerFloating washer×2
8Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
9Hot washerHot washerHot washerHot washer×2
10Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
11Friction washerFriction washerFriction washerFriction washer
12Floating washerFloating washerFloating washerFloating washer
13Floating washerFloating washerFloating washerFloating washer
14Dewatering machineScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader
15Control panelDewatering machineDewatering machineDewatering machine
16Control panelControl panelControl panel


pet recycling machine
raw pet bottles for pet recycling machine
final pet flakes for pet recycling machine

PET bottles can be recycled into packaging sheets, blister boxes, packaging ties, chemical fiber spinning, cotton, polyester fabrics, etc. PS bottles can be made into blister packaging, industrial injection parts, plastic electrical shells, Christmas balls, etc. PC bottle recycling can be made into industrial injection parts, plastic plates, plastic appliances, etc.

4. Product details of PET recycling machine

screw conveyor for pet recycling machine
plastic crusher for pet recycling machine
label remover for pet recycling machine
floating washer for pet recycling machine


Production Process

hot washer for pet recycling machine
screw feeder for pet recycling machine

Processing craft of Single shaft shredder machine for plastic lump

The rotor is processed as a whole

General machine rotor parts are processed and then welded into a rotor, however, welding will cause some rotors and parts to deform, and accuracy will be a problem. Amige Machinery first welds the entire rotor before processing, to determine the overall accuracy, adjust the gap between the rotor blade and the fixed blade for overall processing so that each point can be the same.

Overall annealing of the chassis

After welding, the chassis steel plate has inherent tension. In order to solve this problem, Armiger Machinery will anneal the entire chassis.

Raw material composition

The steel is customized by the steel manufacturer. The surface smoothness is required. The blade is provided by a professional manufacturer. The electrical appliance is made of Mitsubishi, the motor is offered by a famous domestic brand, the gearbox is made from Jiangsu Boneng, and the hydraulic system is a Taiwan brand

Company Culture

company culture for pet recycling machine


Quality inspection (equipment or circuit)

after-sales service for pet recycling machine

After the production of the equipment is completed, we have to test the equipment and circuits; for the equipment, we have to do the trial running to the equipment and test the machine with raw materials; after the detection, if the equipment is operating normally, we can arrange to delivery.


After the equipment is sent to the customer, if the customer does not have experience in using the equipment, we can arrange technical personnel to the customer’s factory for installation and commissioning, and provide the customer with formal training for use. After the customer fully uses the equipment, we can leave.


● Package

Standard export cartons/bags

● Shipping

Sea/ Air/ UPS/OHL/TNT/FedEx

● What about the delivery time?

Normal it is 30 working days for delivery time.

We can produce special designs according to your drawing or sample.

● The payment term

TT /LC /West Union /cash.

delivering machine for pet recycling machine
container loading for pet recycling machine
container loaded for pet recycling machine

7. FAQ

Q: What extra parts can you offer?

A: We can offer an extra screen, some screws, one set of working tools, etc.

Q: What about the after-sale service?

A: delivering equipment, we offer clients some spare parts needed; If clients need some technical support, we can offer them online.

Q: How many Kg/h does this shredder can produce?

A: Different shredder sizes for different capacities such as 400Kg/h or more.Hot Tags: PET recycling machine, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, customized, PET Bottle Recycling Washing LineSingle Shaft Shredder Machine For Waste CardboardSingle Shaft Shredder Machine For CableHDPE Bottle Recycling MachineSingle Shaft Shredder Machine For HDPE PipesTwo Shaft Shredder For Waste Home Appliances

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