PET Bottle Recycling Washing Line


PET Bottle Recycling Washing Line
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Product details

1. Production Introduction


● The utility of this product is a very good economical pet cleaning equipment

● Different combinations can be selected according to the types of raw materials and the quality of bottle flakes to meet the needs of different users. 

● The unit machines that can be selected by customers are label paper stripping machine, manual sorting belt conveyor, crusher, rinsing machine, pre-washing machine, hot water washing machine, friction washing machine, dehydrating machine, storage bin, hot air Dryer, etc.


●Reduced dusk

●Low heat generation

●Space savings and ease of maintenance

2. Product specification of PET bottle recycling washing line

Machine modelAMGL500AMGL1000AMGL1500AMGL2000
1Conveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor belt
2Label removerLabel removerLabel removerLabel remover
3Sorting bandSorting bandSorting bandSorting band
4Conveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor belt×2
5Plastic crusher 800mmPlastic crusher 1000mmPlastic crusher 1200mmPlastic crusher 1000mm×2
6Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
7Floating washerFloating washerFloating washerFloating washer×2
8Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
9Hot washerHot washerHot washerHot washer×2
10Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
11Friction washerFriction washerFriction washerFriction washer
12Floating washerFloating washerFloating washerFloating washer
13Floating washerFloating washerFloating washerFloating washer
14Dewatering machineScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader
15Control panelDewatering machineDewatering machineDewatering machine
16Control panelControl panelControl panel

3. Production Application

raw pet bottles for pet bottle recycling washing line
final pet flakes for pet bottle recycling washing line

Agricultural film: agricultural film mainly includes mulch film and shed film, mulch film is mainly PE film, and shed mold has PE, PE / EVA, and PVC film, when recycling and recycling, PE and PVC film should be distinguished, the agricultural film is generally dirty, often with dirt, sand, grassroots, nails, wire, etc., to remove iron impurities and clean.

4. Product details of PET bottle recycling washing line

label remover for pet bottle recycling washing line
sorting band for pet bottle recycling washing line


Production Process

machine production for pet bottle recycling washing line
machine processing for pet bottle recycling washing line

Processing craft of Single shaft shredder machine for plastic lump

A) The rotor is processed as a whole

General machine rotor parts are processed and then welded into a rotor, however, welding will cause some rotors and parts to deform, and accuracy will be a problem. Amige Machinery first welds the entire rotor before processing, to determine the overall accuracy, adjust the gap between the rotor blade and the fixed blade for overall processing so that each point can be the same.

B) Overall processing of the chassis

All the processing methods of Amige mechanical processing chassis are the same as (A) above. The processing methods and the source of fully automatic CNC processing equipment can make the machine more perfect and the time of the equipment will be the best proof.

C) Overall annealing of the chassis

After welding, the chassis steel plate has inherent tension. In order to solve this problem, Armiger Machinery will anneal the entire chassis.

D) Raw material composition

The steel is customized by the steel manufacturer. The surface smoothness is required. The blade is provided by a professional manufacturer. The electrical appliance is made of Mitsubishi, the motor is offered by a famous domestic brand, the gearbox is made from Jiangsu Boneng, and the hydraulic system is a Taiwan brand

Exhibition Show

plastic fair for pet bottle recycling washing line
plastic exhibition for pet bottle recycling washing line
workshop for pet bottle recycling washing line

Every year, we participate in multiple exhibitions domestic and abroad; domestic, we participate in Asia’s largest plastic machinery exhibition-Adsale Exhibition; Abroad, we participate in Dubai Exhibition, Saudi Exhibition, Turkey Exhibition, Thailand Exhibition, Vietnam Exhibition


delivering machine for pet bottle recycling machine
container loading for pet bottle recycling machine
container loaded for pet bottle recycling washing line

7. FAQ

●Q: Installation and staff training available from you?

A: Yes, our engineers will guide machine installation and train your workers.

●Q: Will you send the equipment to us directly after completion?

A: After the completion of the equipment, you must first come to the acceptance, and confirm that there is no problem before delivery. Hot Tags: PET bottle recycling washing line, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, customized, Low Noise Plastic Crusher For Plastic PipesPlastic Shredder MachinePlastic Crusher For Waste Fish NetsPlastic Crusher For Plastic FilmsPE Film Recycling MachinePlastic Crusher For Chemical Drums

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