PE PP Film Washing Line


PE PP Film Washing Line
Recycling in Plastic films,bottles,lump, Rigid plastic, Wood, Cable, Paper, Metal, Soft waste goods, Solid Waste. Efficient,Economical....

Product details

1. Production Introduction

It is used for washing film plastic so that pelletizing machine can work better.


● The washing line includes a crusher and washing pool and dewatering machine.

● The length of the washing pool depends on the customer’s material. if dirty, you need to buy a longer ● Water tank, and if it is not very dirty, usually 6 meters is enough.

2. Product specification of PE PP film washing line

Machine modelAMGL500AMGL1000AMGL1500AMGL2000
1Conveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor belt×2
2Plastic crusher 800Plastic crusher 1000Plastic crusher 1200Plastic crusher 1000×2
3Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
4Friction washerFriction washerFriction washerFriction washer
5Floating washing tankFloating washing tankFloating washing tankFloating washing tank
7Floating washing tankFloating washing tankFloating washing tankFloating washing tank
8Dryer machineDryer machineDryer machineDryer machine
9Control panelControl panelControl panelControl panel

3. Production Application

raw film for pe pp film washing line
final film flakes for pe pp film washing line

Most of the waste plastic bottles have great use value, such as packaging materials, daily necessities, industrial supplies, household goods, etc. For example, after shampoo bottles made of PE are recycled and processed into materials, they can be made into chemical barrels, blown into packaging films, and made into packaging bags. After the PP is recycled, it can be made into plastic chairs, non-woven bags, and other environmental protection bags.

4. Product details of PE PP film recycling washing line

floating washer for pe pp film washing line
dryer machine for pe pp film washing line


Company Culture

company culture for pe pp film washing line


after-sales service for pe pp film washing line

Purchasing process standards

The purchase process includes information collection, inquiry, price comparison, bargaining, evaluation, sample request, decision, requisition, order, coordination and communication, reminder, purchase acceptance, and payment arrangement.

Amige Machinery adopts the purchase method of comparison and selection, and the main processes are as follows:

1. The purchaser issues purchase information and purchase documents;

2. The supplier prepares and submits response documents according to the requirements of the purchase documents;

3. The purchaser reviews the supplier’s response documents and preliminary determines the candidate candidate


To delivering machines for pe pp film washing line
container loading for pe pp film washing line
container loaded for pe pp film washing line

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