PE PP Film Recycling Washing Line


PE PP Film Recycling Washing Line
Recycling in Plastic films,bottles,lump, Rigid plastic, Wood, Cable, Paper, Metal, Soft waste goods, Solid Waste. Efficient,Economical....

Product details

1. Production Introduction

This film or woven bag crushing washing line is used for Recycling and Washing the waste PE LDPE LLDPE film, PP film, LDPE agricultural film, PP woven bag, and so on.


● The entire production line can easily clean waste plastic products from the beginning to the finished product.

● The production process is strictly in accordance with the requirements of CE certification making the quality and safety of the machine more reliable.

● Output of waste plastic cleaning production line: 100—1000kg/h


●This production line is highly automatic operating and saves labor costs and low after maintenance. Our machinery is widely used domestic and abroad in many countries;

●The Recycled HDPE is mainly used for the HDPE bottles making etc;

2. Product specification of the PE PP film recycling washing line

Machine modelAMGL500AMGL1000AMGL1500AMGL2000
1Conveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor beltConveyor belt×2
2Plastic crusher 800Plastic crusher 1000Plastic crusher 1200Plastic crusher 1000×2
3Screw loaderScrew loaderScrew loaderScrew loader×2
4Friction washerFriction washerFriction washerFriction washer
5Floating washing tankFloating washing tankFloating washing tankFloating washing tank
7Floating washing tankFloating washing tankFloating washing tankFloating washing tank
8Dryer machineDryer machineDryer machineDryer machine
9Control panelControl panelControl panelControl panel

3. Production Application

raw film for pe pp film recycling washing line
final film flakes for pe pp film recycling washing line

PET bottles can be recycled into packaging sheets, blister boxes, packaging ties, chemical fiber spinning, cotton, polyester fabrics, etc. PS bottles can be made into blister packaging, industrial injection parts, plastic electrical shells, Christmas balls, etc. PC bottle recycling can be made into industrial injection parts, plastic plates, plastic appliances, etc.

4. Product details of PE PP film recycling washing line

screw conveyor for pe pp film recycling washing line
friction washer for pe pp film recycling washing line



TAIZHOU AMIGE MACHINERY CO., LTD is a Professional Plastic Machinery manufacturer company located in Taizhou city, known as China Plastic Mold City, Zhejiang Province of China,; We are dedicated to designing and developing the high technology Plastic Machinery.

We have over 10 years of experience in Plastic Recycling Machinery Manufacturing. We have full processing equipment and the processing facilities such as the metal shearing machine, metal bending machine, lathe machine, milling machine, and so on.

Our main products are PET Waste Bottle Recycling Washing line, PET Waste Bottle Washing Machine, PE/PP Waste Film/Woven bag Recycling Washing line, HDPE/PP Bottle Recycling Washing Machine, Rigid PP/PP bucket, drum, container Recycling Washing line, PE/PP Film Pelletizing line, PE/PP Rigid plastic Pelletizing line; The Plastic Shredding machinery mainly include the Single Shaft Shredder Machinery, Double Shaft Shredder, Double Single Shaft Shredder, Plastic Crusher/Grinder/Granulator Machinery; The Auxiliary machinery mainly include the Label Remover, Vertical mixer, Cooling Tower, Hydraulic Cutter, Knife Sharpener and so on;


after-sale service for pe pp film recycling washing line

Purchasing process standards

The purchase process includes information collection, inquiry, price comparison, bargaining, evaluation, sample request, decision, requisition, order, coordination and communication, reminder, purchase acceptance, and payment arrangement.

Amige Machinery adopts the purchase method of comparison and selection, and the main processes are as follows:

1. The purchaser issues purchase information and purchase documents;

2. The supplier prepares and submits response documents according to the requirements of the purchase documents;

3. The purchaser reviews the supplier’s response documents and preliminary determines the candidate;

4. The purchaser reserves the right to further negotiate with the selected candidate supplier;

5. The purchaser determines the final selected supplier and sends a notification of the purchase result to all suppliers who submit response documents;

6. The purchaser signs a procurement contract with the selected supplier.


delivering machines for pe pp film recycling washing line
container loading forpe pp film recycling washing line
container loaded for pe pp film recycling washing line

7. FAQ

●Q1:What waste product can this plastic washing line do?

A1:It is for waste bottles, plastic lumps, pipes, films, etc.

●Q2:How many Kg/h does this plastic washing line can produce?

A2:Different crusher sizes for different capacityies such as 500Kg/h or more.

●Q3:What about the after-sale service?

A3:In delivering equipment, we offer clients some spare parts needed; If clients need some technical support, we can offer them online. Hot Tags: PE PP film recycling washing line, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, customized, Economical Single Shaft Shredder For Plastic FilmsWaste Film Washing Recycling LinePlastic Crusher For Chemical DrumsPlastic Crusher For Plastic BagsPE PP Film Recycling Washing LineDouble Shaft Shredder For Metal Drum

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