Heavy Duty Single Shaft Shredder Machine


Heavy Duty Single Shaft Shredder Machine
As a famous manufacturer of reliable plastic shredders, Made in China. Over 20 years experience. High quality standards. we offer special machines for in-house waste and for heavily contaminated post-consumer waste....

Product details


This Single Shaft Shredder was the latest invention heavy duty with a CE certificate. We devoted ourselves to plastic shredder machines for many years, covering most of Europe and the American market. We are expecting to become your long-term partner in China.


● External bearing seat

● Overload shutdown protection design

● Blades made by D2


● High torque gearbox supported

● The entire system is enclosed

● Hydraulic pump speed adjustable

2. Product parameter

Machine modelAMGS600/350AMGS800/400AMGS1000/450AMGS1200/450AMGS1500/500AMGS1800/500
Machine size(mm) L/W/H2000 x 1410 x 21002430 x 1720 x 24802880 x 2180 x 25703350 x 2300 x 26603500 x 2870 x 27003500 x 3170 x 2700
Feeding size(mm)630 x 985830 x 12401030 x 14401230 x 17001530 x 18001830 x 1800
Rotor diameter(mm)Ø350Ø400Ø450Ø450Ø500Ø500
Rotating speed(rpm)787878787878
Fixed blade(pcs)223445
Rotor blade(pcs)3951638199105
Screen size(mm)30-10030-10030-10030-10030-10030-100
Hydraulic power(kw)2.234455
Motor power(kw)2237557590110
Machine weight(kg)3500500070008000950011000


plastic lump for heavy duty single shaft shredder machine

The plastic shredder plays an indispensable role in so many plastic processing industries such as plastic recycling, wood recycling, and so on. It offers a multitude of benefits in addition to size reduction. These shredders are used for processing the plastic materials which are used for producing the plastic products.

4. Product details of the Single Shaft Shredder

inside rotor for heavy duty single shaft shredder machine
rotor for heavy duty single shaft shredder machine

● 4 times reversible rotor knifes

● Exchangeable knife holder

● Adjustable counter knives



TAIZHOU AMIGE MACHINERY CO., LTD is a Professional Plastic Machinery manufacturer company located in Taizhou city, known as China Plastic Mold City, Zhejiang Province of China, We are dedicated to designing and developing the high technology Plastic Machinery.

We have full processing equipment and processing facilities such as the metal shearing machine, metal bending machine, lathe machine, milling machine, and so on.

Our Equipment

processing equipment for heavy duty single shaft shredder machine
processing device for heavy duty single shaft shredder machine

Good machines need good processing equipment. In our workshop, there are 8 CNC machines, 2 grinding machines, and several lathes and other equipment.

We have powerful equipment processing capabilities and can customize equipment according to customer requirements to meet different production needs of customers


delivering machine for heavy duty single shaft shredder machine
container loading for heavy-duty single shaft shredder machine
container loaded for heavy duty single shaft shredder machine

7. FAQ

Q1:What waste product can this shredder do?

A1: It is for waste plastic lumps, pipes, films, etc.

Q2:How many Kg/h do this shredder can produce?

A2:Different shredder sizes for different capacities such as 400Kg/h or more.

Q3:What is the final product?

A3:The screen size depends on the final product such as a screen of 30mm or more.

Q4:What extra parts can you offer?

A4:We can offer extra 10pcs blades, one screen 50mm, some screws, one set of the working tools, etc.

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