Heavy Duty Plastic Crusher


Heavy Duty Plastic Crusher
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Product details

1. Production Features

● Sliding wheel on the stand for move easily

● A protective switch is put in the feeding mouth to protect the operator’s safety

● Steel structure tank, cast steel knife rest, holder steel cutters, avoiding crack.

● Ladder style cutters, improving the shear force, enhancing crush efficiency;


● Plastic crushers are generally used to crush various plastics and rubbers.

● The structure of the sheet knife is between the claw knife and the flat knife, suitable for crushing ordinary sheets, pipes, profiles, plates, and packaging materials

● The general-purpose plastic grinder adopts sealed bearings to keep the bearing rotating well for a long time

2. Product specification

Machine modelAMGH600/350AMGH600/450AMGH800/450AMGH800/600AMGH1000/600AMGH1200/600
Machine size(mm) L/W/H1650 x 1370 x19502000 x 1550 x 25002000 x 1750 x 31502100 x 1750 x 32002300 x 1950 x 33502300 x 2150 x 3350
Feeding size
450 x 600530 x 600530 x 800705 x 800705 x 1000705 x1200
Rotor diameter
Rotating speed
Screen size(mm)12-10012-10012-10012-10012-10012-100
Fixed blade
Rotor blade
Motor power
Hydraulic power(Kw)
Machine weight

3. Production Application

heavy-duty plastic crusher
raw product for heavy-duty plastic crusher
final flakes for heavy-duty plastic crusher

The plastic crusher is suitable for the recycling of plastics such as boxes, thin pipes, blow moldings, bottles, shells, and so on.

4. Product details

crushing room for heavy-duty plastic crusher
inside rotor for heavy-duty plastic crusher




TAIZHOU AMIGE MACHINERY CO., LTD is a Professional Plastic Machinery manufacturer company located in Taizhou city, known as China Plastic Mold City, Zhejiang Province of China,; We are dedicated to designing and developing the high technology Plastic Machinery.

Our main products are PET Waste Bottle Recycling Washing line, PET Waste Bottle Washing Machine, PE/PP Waste Film/Woven bag Recycling Washing line, HDPE/PP Bottle Recycling Washing Machine, Rigid PP/PP bucket, drum, container Recycling Washing line, PE/PP Film Pelletizing line, PE/PP Rigid plastic Pelletizing line

Production Process

machine in production for heavy-duty plastic crusher
equipment in production for heavy-duty plastic crusher

Processing craft of Heavy duty plastic crusher

The rotor is processed as a whole

General machine rotor parts are processed, and then welded into a rotor, however, welding will cause some rotors and parts to deform, and accuracy will be a problem. Amige Machinery first welds the entire rotor before processing, to determine the overall accuracy, adjust the gap between the rotor blade and the fixed blade for overall processing so that each point can be the same.


delivering machine for heavy-duty plastic crusher
container loading for heavy-duty plastic crusher
container loaded for heavy-duty plastic crusher

7. FAQ

●Q1:What is the final product?

The final product is about 12mm or bigger.

●Q2:What extra parts can you offer?

We can offer an extra screen, some screws, one set of working tools, etc.

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