Economical Single Shaft Shredder Machine


Economical Single Shaft Shredder Machine
As a famous manufacturer of reliable plastic shredders, Made in China. Over 20 years experience....

Product details

1. Production Introduction


● High precision: fine processing with a CNC grinder

● High transmission efficiency

● Low equipment energy consumption


● The shredder single shaft for plastic with a big feeding mouth, it can put the big plastic or rubber product freely.

● The rotary and cutting blade with an edge of special design, can get very high efficiency and high capacity.

● The shredder’s single shaft for plastic is controlled by a PLC system; the blade can rotate in opposite directions and close automatically if something unexpected happens; with very high safety service.

2. Product parameter

Machine modelAMGE600/350AMGE800/400
Machine size(mm) L/W/H2050 x 1250 x 8502050 x 1250 x850
Feeding size
630 x 490830 x 590
Rotor diameter
Rotating speed
Screen size(mm)30-10030-100
Fixed blade
Rotor blade
Motor power
Machine weight

3. Production Application

economical single shaft shredder machine
plastic lumps for economical single shaft shredder machine
shredded lumps for economical single shaft shredder machine

Designed for your specific application, everything from the cutter outline to the system layout is carefully considered to ensure that the required shredding size and output are obtained.

4. Product details

control panel for economical single shaft shredder machine
shape for economical single shaft shredder machine
inside rotor for economical single shaft shredder machine



TAIZHOU AMIGE MACHINERY CO., LTD is a Professional Plastic Machinery manufacturer company located in Taizhou city, known as China Plastic Mold City, Zhejiang Province of China,; We are dedicated to designing and developing the high technology Plastic Machinery.

We have over 10 years of experience in Plastic Recycling Machinery Manufacturing. We have full processing equipment and the processing facilities such as the metal shearing machine, metal bending machine, lathe machine, milling machine, and so on.


machine maintenance for economical single shaft shredder machine

Sales order

The sales process refers to the process in which the target customer generates sales opportunities, and the sales staff conducts sales activities based on the sales opportunities and produces results. The sales process is a part of the entire enterprise process. The main melody of the enterprise from the inside to the outside is the process of research and development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales, technical support, and services.


After the equipment is sent to the customer, if the customer does not have experience in using the equipment, we can arrange technical personnel to the customer’s factory for installation and commissioning, and provide the customer with formal training for use. After the customer fully uses the equipment, we can leave.


shredder delivering for economical single shaft shredder machine
loading container for economical single shaft shredder machine
container loaded for economical single shaft shredder machine

7. FAQ

●Q: Which brand of motor will you use?

A: We adopt the Chinese famous brand motor or as the customer required.

●Q: When we only build one kind of shredder machine production line, can we use it to shred other material?

A: Yes, you can. It depends on the difference in blades’ teeth and quantity, which can be customized. Tags: economical single shaft shredder machine, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, customized, Special Plastic Crusher For PalletsPET Washing LinePlastic Crusher For Car BumperEconomical Single Shaft Shredder For Plastic FilmsLow Noise Plastic CrusherSingle Shaft Shredder Machine For Cable

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