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Amige, a leading factory with 8 production lines, specializes in the manufacturing of plastic crushing solutions. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability has made us a preferred choice for procurement officers, importers, and distributors across the USA, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mexico, and Argentina. Our B2B and wholesale-only approach ensures tailored solutions for every client.


Our extensive product range is crafted to meet the diverse needs of the recycling industry:

  • Plastic Crusher: Engineered for efficiency and reliability.
  • Plastic Crusher Machine: Precision-made for various applications.
  • Plastic Recycling Crusher: Eco-conscious solutions for modern recycling.
  • Small Plastic Crusher Machine: Ideal for small-scale operations.
  • Plastic Crusher Machine Small: Customized to fit specific requirements.
  • Images and Videos to Prove Our Authenticity

Trust is paramount in our business relationships. Our gallery of images and videos offers a transparent view of our manufacturing process, quality control, and the dedicated team that ensures every product meets our high standards.

Disassembled Diagrams of Spare Parts of Plastic Shredder

Understanding the intricacies of our machines is vital for maintenance and repair. Our detailed disassembled diagrams provide a comprehensive view of the plastic shredder’s components, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Cost Analysis of Plastic Shredder

Investing in a plastic shredder is a significant decision. Our cost analysis breaks down the various factors, including purchase price, maintenance, energy consumption, and more, to help you understand the total cost of ownership.

What Are the Capabilities of the Supplier to Be Considered When Purchasing a Plastic Shredder

When selecting a supplier, consider the following:

  • Quality Assurance: Certifications and quality control measures.
  • Production Capacity: Ability to meet your specific demands.
  • After-Sales Support: Warranty and support services.
  • Export Experience: Proven track record in exporting to your region.

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Phone: +8657688341551

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At Amige, we value your business and are committed to providing you with the best possible service. We look forward to hearing from you.

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